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Keanu Reeves Auctions Off 15-Minute Zoom Chat for Charity

June 26, 2020

Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves, auctions off a 15-minute one-to-one Zoom convo for charity.


The auction started at $10,000 but now stands at $16,600. The bidding ends on Monday, June 22, and the scheduled video chat with Keanu Reeves will take place on July 6.


All proceeds from the "15 minutes of fame with Keanu Reeves" will go directly to Camp Rainbow Gold, a children's oncological organization. They provide empowering experiences to children diagnosed with cancer and their families.


The actor, director, producer, and philanthropist Reeves also has a reputation as a kind-hearted person.


Reeves, together with actress Carrie-Ann Moss, is filming the fourth installment of The Matrix.

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