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Online Auction News and Blog

Watches for auctions: tips to know
October 16,2020
Selling antique or luxury watches at auction is a great option for those who are not satisfied with the cost of buying an accessory at a pawnshop.   World financiers regard
Passion of a lifetime for the passionate ones
August 12,2020
Gooding & Company rescheduled the most anticipated auction of our lifetime for September 5, 2020. Three classic Bugattis are at stake, and the sale will take place in Hampton C
Ford Mustang beats new World Record
July 30,2020
On July 17, at the Mecum Auction in Indianapolis, the 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 “R-Model” has become the property of another car lover and added to his collection
Lost Luggage Auctions
June 05,2020
In Europe, items purchased at forgotten luggage auctions are resold at flea markets. In the US, they are often bought in bulk and sold in second-hand stores.   Luggage journ
COVID-19 impact on the financial market
May 04,2020
Between the bombardment of alarming notifications on the persistent threat of the coronavirus and the lack of consistent source of information, it is difficult to understand how th
The Pros and Cons of Auctions
January 23,2020
The word auction comes from the Latin "auctus," which means "to increase." Today, an auction is known as the method of sale designed to have a buyer pay as much
Christmas Eve Trees Auction
December 05,2019
Every year during the holiday season, houses after houses across the nation are decorated joyfully. Many families gather around their Christmas trees to share laughter and exchange
The Advantages of Selling Property at Auction
November 14,2019
The thud of a gavel accompanied by a thunderous “Sold!” is music that sends an adrenaline rush to auctioneers.   Yes, it could be said that one of the benefits o
Get Your Home Ready to Sell this Spring
March 20,2019
The key to selling your home quickly and for more money, doesn’t begin with updating your home. It begins with a change of mind. Stop thinking of yourself as a homeowner and
Impress Your Loved One this Valentines
February 13,2019
Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. You’ve planned a special day for your significant other, a day which he or she will always remember. The dinner is ready, the f
Crazy Expensive Items Sold at Auctions in 2017
January 16,2019
People from all over the world enjoy auctions and find the process itself pleasurable. Auctioning is exciting, and if you come in the right place, at the right time, you will 
Why Should I Move My Auctions Online?
November 02,2018
Online auctions are sales transactions involving competitive bidding that are conducted over the Internet. If you're an auction company, making the strategic decision to go onl
Pros and cons of online auctions
September 17,2018
          We all have a tendency to buy things that seem important to us. While some of them may be a necessity for us, many of the stuff we buy only take
Selling sporting goods online
December 29,2017
Throughout the world, people enjoy watching sports because it is entertaining. We are oftentimes fascinated at seeing greatness unfold in front of our eyes. However, we show our lo
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October 16,2020
Watches for auctions: tips to know
August 18,2020
Global pandemic: not a problem for online auctions
August 12,2020
Passion of a lifetime for the passionate ones